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Gramophone Accessories

It can be quite rewarding to collect some of the curious gramophone accessories to stand alongside your machines. Most of them were of limited or no real use but they are part of the hobby and can attract high prices.

Rare HMV Portable Gramophone images from the 1920s

Blue HMV Model 101
I have many original spare parts for HMV portable gramophones.
Drop me an email to see if I have the part you are looking for!
The Perfect Portable Gramophone - His Master's Voice by Dave Cooper

The Perfect Portable Gramophone by Dave Cooper

Please note I no longer have copies for sale
but I can supply a FULL COLOUR illustrated leaflet
Please include your
postal address when you email me

...takes us back to the glamour of an era when records were 78s with a wealth of photos, old advertisements and ephemera.

The book is a guide for the collector and general enthusiast alike, offering tips on how to start collecting, maintenance of machines and also detailed diagrams explaining the workings of what was a complete novelty in the world of music.

Includes a CD of music from the era – the ’20s and ’30s

Published by New Cavendish Books
© Dave Cooper 2003
ISBN No: 1 872727 49 2
Size: 210 x 242 mm
124 pp 200 colour illustrations
Original price £15.95p

portable hits label

I can offer copies of the the CD from the book
for £6.00 including postage contact me to order here

Gramophone Accessories

HMV Record Duster First Version HMV Record Duster Version 2 HMV Record Duster Version 4
HMV Record Duster Version 3
HMV Record Duster Version 5HMV Record Duster Version 6HMV Needle Container and Box
Columbia Needle Container
HMV Speed Tester
© by Dave Cooper 2004-2017 All rights reserved

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