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This page features more information and images of my friend Bitsy Mullins and stories from people who knew him.

Bitsy leading his own band at the University of Arkansas in 1947.



He returned to Arkansas to finish his studies after leaving the Buddy Rich orchestra in 1946.

Bitsy graduated in June 1948 with a degree in Chemistry and Mathematics.

(VC stands for Varsity Club).

Bitsy Mullins' band 1947

Buddy Rich (Bitsy first right of Buddy


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Friends Remember Bitsy Mullins Why not send me your memories of Bitsy Mullins?

Bitsy Mullins c.1946


Bitsy and I corresponded in the early 2000's. Keeping Bitsy's memory alive is very worthwhile. He was a great player, a great storyteller and a mentor to me, a semi-professional trumpet player. He had a remarkably literary style of writing, too, if one overlooked his typos and disdain for the Shift key.

Best regards,
Robert Penick
Georgetown, Texas, USA

I was in Las Vegas at the same time that Bitsy was but I didn't have the opportunity to work with him. It seems that he was working one gig and I was working another. Las Vegas had plenty of work for musicians in those days. Sometime around 1977 I joined a band in Oklahoma at a resort called The Shangri-la. We were working seven nights per week and Bitsy was playing first trumpet. He was living in Joplin, Missouri and he commuted every night. After he left the gig, he went to his home town in Arkansas and retired from the music business.

Arno Marsh

I just wanted to let you know there is a picture of Bitsy on my web site.
Go to photos and click on More Musicians 2 and scroll down. This was taken when we were playing with the Forest Wasson Orch at the Shangri-la Resort in Oklahoma in '77 or '78. Al Voight (Drummer) is in the picture with him.
He is one of the best lead trumpet players I have ever worked with, always consistent night after night.

Walt Boenig

Regarding Bitsy, it's sad he's gone. I always enjoyed talking to him. In fact, I talked to him the last night he was in the hospital, before he died.
Buddy Balbo, put together a band from Las Vegas musicians, of which Bitsy was one. Buddy did list all of the personnel and it was an incredible band. Buddy led the band and made all the arrangements.

Best regards,
Ray McGuire
Brooks, ME 04921


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