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A few years ago the Editor of Memory Lane Magazine and I started a new big project to release recordings by artists from the 78rpm era.
We agreed to issue all the recordings (commercial or otherwise) by Al Bowlly.

The CDs have informative notes about the recordings themselves.
Matrix numbers and recording dates are included that show accurately which version or take is on the CDs.
We have already included many alternate takes and other rarities.
All the Bowlly releases are issued by the band he appeared with and by date order.

We have remastered and issued around 900 Bowlly titles so far, and

800+ by other British dance bands, their voicalists and other celebrities in cluding Evelyn Dall, Jessie Matthews, Sam Borwne, etc.


There are also two compilation CDs featuring a number of rare alternate takes!
You can order these CDs from this link. Note that these are LIMITED EDITIONS so don't dawdle or you may miss out!

April 2011 was the 70th anniversary of Bowlly's death during the London Blitz and Tony Smith of Angel Radio travelled up from Southampton to Blackpool to interview me on many musical subjects including Mr Bowlly.
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