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Al Bowlly with the Roy Fox band

I am currently remastering Al Bowlly's recordings on CD for Memory Lane magazine.
You can order from the Memory Lane web site.
You can now also CDs deleted from the Memory Lane catalogue. For details use this link.

There are a number of web sites with information about Bowlly's life and recordings. To be a little different, I am featuring a few of the interesting collectibles that never seem to get any coverage: - seven inch, 45rpm records. 10 inch LPs and sheet music.

If you have any additions to those featured below, let me know.

Al Bowlly on Ten-inch LPs

Al Bowlly 10-inch LP This is Ray Noble

Al Bowlly 10-inch LP  Ray Noble Volume 1
Al Bowlly 10-inch LP  Ray Noble Volume 2
Al Bowlly 10-inch LP  Ray Noble Volume 3

This 10 inch LP was issued in the USA in the 1950s

This series of 10 inch LPs was produced by EMI in England for the Australian market. Volumes 1-2 date from 1957, Volume 3 dates from 1958) Volume 4 was issued as a 12 inch LP.

Al Bowlly on Seven-inch 45rpm EPs

Al Bowlly on 45rpm Souvenir Album
Al Bowlly on 45rpm Roy Fox Volume 1
Al Bowlly on 45rpm Roy Fox Volume 2
Al Bowlly on 45rpm The Great Al Bowlly

Al Bowlly Souvenir (June 1955) featured Al Bowlly (solo) recordings accompanied by Monia Liter (piano)

Roy Fox and his band Volume 1 (September 1955) Error on the cover showing the song 'Lullaby of the Leaves' on the record (Actually 'Peanut Vendor')

Roy Fox and his band Volume 2 (September 1956).

Another EP of Ray Noble/Bowlly recordings (1955)

Al Bowlly on 45rpm Lew Stone and his band
Al Bowlly on 45rpm This is Ray Noble
Al Bowlly on 45rpm we Danced All Night
Al Bowlly on 45rpm AB sings

Bowlly with Lew Stone's band (June 1959)

This US issue (from the 1950s) is a set of two EPs with titles taken from the 10 inch LP illustrated above.

Another US issue, with titles taken from a 12 inch LP version which was also available in the UK)

Titles taken from the Australian set of 10 inch LPs above. Dates from early 1960s

Al Bowlly on 45rpm Pennies from Heaven selection
Al Bowlly on 45rpm Ray Noble
The latest EP with Bowlly, with titles taken from the Dennis Potter TV drama series "Pennies From Heaven" Bowlly sings "Isn't It Heavenly?" with Lew Stone This is possibly one of the most elusive Bowlly EPs



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